Outsourced Parenting

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Last summer we registered our 4 yr old in a program called Pedalheads. It’s a tiered program for kids that teaches them bike safety, and how to ride a bike. My wife’s friends swore by it, so once a week we packed up our boy and bike and took him to a park to ride with other kids.

At the time he still had training wheels on his bike. By the end of the first class they were gone. I had missed one of those ultimate parenting milestones. The one where you watch your kid fall, then pick your kid up, and encourage him and hold him and then .. let go, and watch them fly – on two wheels.

My son did all that, with an 18 year old camp counsellor holding the back of his seat. Not his dad.

It’s called outsourced parenting, and more of us are doing it.


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