The Time My Son First Saw Star Wars

a long time ago galaxy far far away

It was May, 1977 when I was first introduced to Star Wars by my “cool” Aunt Karen. I was 7 years old.

Last summer, when we vacationed in Montana, Spike just happened to be running the original trilogy every night before my boys’ bedtime, and I wished to share that generational moment with my sons.

I’m sure if my wife had had 2 daughters, she would have wished for Grease, or Dirty Dancing to have been on, but she had boys so Star Wars it is.

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Buzz is married to Jennifer and has 2 sons. Zacharie was born in May 2007 and Charles in January 2010. Buzz is a radio guy who enjoys building bridges between old and new media. Follow buzz on Twitter @buzzbishop and check out DadCAMP on Google+

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